2018 Gay Games Paris

PARIS 2018


From 4 to 12 August 2018

Team Name: DC Sentinels USA

Team Code is : 1906



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  • Provide DC Specific Shirt for all participants regardless of sport
  • DC Host Hotel - provide a hotel for all DC participants to stay in
    • Must book hotel by July 1


Please read over this site before trying to register. - Click Here

To Register individually and/or create a team - Register now!

To find out more information about the Basketball Games - Click Here (including Venue)

The applicable rules are those of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) (rule differences)

Several tournaments are held according to the level of players:

  • Open A
  • Open B
  • Open C
If more than 3 teams are registered in these categories:
  • Masters (35 years +)
  • Veterans (50+)

The Organising Committee of 2018 PARIS reserves the right to combine certain categories if required.

To participate, all players must be 18 and over.

A team is composed of 7 to 12 players.

Registration is done on the PARIS 2018 registration website.

No entries will be accepted on site.

More Info:


  1. A payment method - we accept all major internationally recognised credit cards.
  2. A photograph for use on your Games accreditation pass - which you can upload using a Webcam, or you can upload an existing passport style image (the recommended file size is 100-300KB, JPEG format). If you do not have a suitable photograph available now, you can add one later (deadline is 30 June 2018) through the Edit Registration page on the Registration portal.
  3. A copy of your French National Sports License or a Certificate of Fitness and Aptitude to practice sports. More InformationsDownload Form Here

At the conclusion of your registration, you will also be provided with information to help you plan your time in Paris, France. This includes flights, accommodation and travel information. We have negotiated special rates for you through our official travel agency KTS France and our partner Misterbnb.


  • The overall Refund Policy is that there are no refunds to participants once registration fees have been paid.
  • If you change your mind after registering and paying for a sport or cultural event, there will be no refunds.  However, if you wish to change your sport or cultural event, you can register and pay for an additional event, and your name will then be removed from the roster for the first event.  If you wish to change your sport or cultural event, please contact support.registration@paris2018.com for more information.
  • The personal information collected as part of your registration will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy and subject to our Participation Terms and Conditions.

Standard Fees 1 Jan. 2018 28 Feb. 2018 2 000 registrations 185 euros
Late Fees 1 March 2018 30 Apr. 2018 2 000 registrations 195 euros
Last Minute Fees 1 May 2018 30 June 2018 2 000 registrations 205 euros

For example, basic fees on 1st January are 185 euros, but as soon as registrations at this rate are over 3.000, basic fees raise to the next fees. If the number of registrations doesn't reach the maximum quantity at the end date, fees can nevertheless raise.

For example, if you live in the USA and register today in soccer, you pay 185 euros of basic fees plus 40 euros of soccer fees for a total of 225 euros. If you register only in May 2018, if there are an available slot, you would pay 205 euros + 40 euros= 245 euros

The deadline for registrations is scheduled for 30 June 2018.

You may pay in euros or US dollars with your credit card. No need of a Paypal account.


  • Paris 2018 reserves the right to modify registration rates at any time.
  • Dates are at Paris time. Example, on 28 February, change of fees wil occur at midnight Paris time (CET : Central Eastern Time or GMT/UTC +1)


Sunday 5 August to Friday 10 August 2018


Price: 40 Euros

The male and female basketball tournaments are organized by Entre 2 Basket with the support of the French Basketball Federation.

Nearly 500 players are expected for this competition open to all, regardless of ability!



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