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Welcome to the DC Sentinels

The D.C. Sentinels hosts an open gym once a week, which is open to members of the LGBTQ community as well as our LGBTQ allies. All skill levels are welcome! Grab a friend, and join us for a fun evening of basketball. Click the following link for more information: Open Gym Info

Travel Teams Interest

Salt Lake City NGBA Tournament   - October 6-7, 2018
NGBA Salt Lake City Facebook Page Click Here!
For more information Click Here!

Please Volunteer for any of the following events:

Capital Pride Sports Village

Thank you in advance!  This year Capital Pride is creating a Sports Village. The Sports Village will have all the Sports Team Sign up Tables and  Sports Team bonding activities. (Dunking Booth, Swim Suit Contest, Tug of War, etc.) We will be selling Beer in the Beer Garden as well.Time not yet assigned.

For more information and to sign up for Volunteering Click Here!

Capital Pride 2018 Information

Capital Pride Sports Village Activity Schedule

Past Events

DC Sentinels Fundraiser / Birthday Party hosted by Tim Francis  May 15

It gives me great joy to be able to celebrate another year of life! This year,I invite you to help me celebrate, and support an organization to which I've committed many years. Team D.C. Basketball or popularly known as the D.C. Sentinels.

The Party was a great success! I was able to raise $635 dollars for the DC Sentinels!

Thank you to all that supported me. Thanks for your gracious donations.

Team DC Casino Night 

Craps Dealer for Casino Night - Thanks to Joe Green and Joey for dealing. We appreciate your help!

DC Sentinels Night of Sponsors hosted by Grant Oines

Please join us for DC Sentinels Night with Sponsors on May 31, 2018 at 7:30 pm at 1901 Wyoming Avenue, NW. 
The theme of the night is planning and preparing for your financial wellness and home buying. Our sponsors are 
BB&T Bank, Logan Title and Arrow Group real estate. Following the presentation by our sponsors everyone will be invited to the roof deck for a wine tasting reception. Dress is casual. 

RFK Rugby Fundraiser Volunteer Form

Team DC Sponsored -
Date: June 2, 2018
Place: RFK Stadium (DC)
Info:  Please arrive for checkin at 1:30 pm at the stadium (meeting place will be given closer to event date) Game starts at 5:00 pm  We will be working the concession stand. This match will feature teams from Wales and South Africa with an estimated crowd over 30,000.  Looking for 10-12 people.

Attached is the parking pass for Saturday.  Please make sure that anybody who is planning to drive to RFK knows to bring this pass with them and they should park in Lot 7.   If they don't have this pass, they will charge them to park and it's not cheap!

    • All workers should arrive at Gate C at RFK Stadium at 1:30 pm.   They will need to check in and get a wristband indicating they are a worker. 
    • I will take a representative from each booth down to the Cash Room to pick up the bags of cash and credit card machines.   Please make sure they are there on time! 
    • All workers should wear sneakers or closed toe shoes no flip flops or sandals. 
    • Shorts are fine, but black pants are preferred.   Remember, workers will get a little dirty so don't wear your Sunday best! Teams can wear your jerseys or red shirts will be provided for people to wear.

Booth Assignments are as follows:

524 - Softball Legion of Boom

530 - DCAC Swimming

534 - Basketball

538 - Scandals

546  - Scandals

540 - Softball Titans

545 - Softball Envy

228 - Cheer DC
308 - Softball Sharks

Anybody arriving after 2:30 pm is late, but if they get to Gate C and nobody is there, please have them call Adam Martin at (202) 440-8920.   You can also text Adam if you have urgent needs during the event. 

Aaron Fischbach and I will be roaming from stand to stand to assist those teams in need and to help answer questions.   My cell is 603-359-0869.   Call or text me if you need me.  

Report Time - 1:30pm

Gates open - 3:30pm

Game time - 5:00pm

Last Call - midway through the second half (I'm not sure at what time that is for Rugby)

Close stands about 10 minutes after last call, then start counting inventory, cleaning the stand and bringing the cash bags back to the lower level. 

Some helpful hints:

  • Once you get to your stand, immediately take inventory of all drinks, food, etc.  
  • Wipe down your stand to make sure it's clean.   For those that haven't worked here before, RFK is old and dirty and ready for demolition soon.   Just anticipate that when you arrive!
  • Load coolers with drinks to get them cold.
  • Get hot dogs thawed out and on the cookers.
  • Get popcorn into bags and put them into the popcorn machine. don't just pour the bags of popcorn into the machine takes too long to fill the bags on the fly.
  • Make sure you have a good supply of all items ready to serve by 4:00.   Your rush will be just before the game (4-5pm) and at halftime of the game.   Be ready for the rushes!  
  • Have 2 or 3 people serve as the cash register attendants and 4 or 5 as the runners to hand out items, make food, etc.   Ideally each register has one person taking money or cards, one person gathering the order, and then you have 3 or 4 people cooking the food pizzas, hot dogs, etc.  

Instructions on what we will be doing (Concessions)

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